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Entering the Asian Grocer is like visiting your favourite market on a crisp Sunday morning. The smell of farm-fresh produce, the rustic centrepieces and the beautifully decorated counters all create a fresh and colourful atmosphere. And yet, the Asian Grocer is centrally located at The Glen Shopping Centre in Melbourne’s South East.

To create a bustling grocer in the middle of a shopping centre, the Asian Grocer worked with Strip and Fit Shopfitters to create a cosy countryside inspired space. With an uncommonly large commercial space, Strip and Fit brought on the team at O.M.A. to help break down the project into manageable segments and bring a unique farmhouse style to the space.

To bring a piece of the countryside to a commercial space is a bold endeavour but for the O.M.A. Team it is exactly the kind of challenge that allows them to flex their fingers and demonstrate their skills. Paying special attention to detail and experts with complex and unique fixtures, the O.M.A. team were able to apply their dedication to outstanding quality and service to help create a space that brought a unique market feel to this suburban spot.

The most eye-catching of their pieces draw your eye up over the colourful produce and to the ceiling, where two 500kg, 2.55m long x 2.1m wide x 1.2m high, plywood features adorn the entrance. A simple design is supported by engineering that prioritised easy installation and structural integrity, with concealed metalwork that brings all the pieces together without compromising the aesthetics.

It took a team of eight shopfitters to install the pieces. The hardest part? “Getting them through the front door!” Says O.M.A. Design & Production Manager, Steph. “After that the installation was seamless, using lifting equipment to raise them up and simply fixing them to the slab ceiling with engineered fixings.”

No expense was spared in creating a space that connects customers to the farms that supply the produce and inspire a rustic atmosphere. The front counter features over 20, 000 beautifully unique hand-laid tiles and in the back corner a custom-made rickshaw displays hard-to-find Asian cooking ingredients. Industrial-style bilingual signs organise the grocer and give a nod to Australia’s amazing multi-cultural community.

The team at O.M.A. are accustomed to unique and complicated projects. Recently collaborating on The Rabbit Hole, the biggest indoor playground in the Southern Hemisphere. With over twenty-five years of industry experience, O.M.A have evolved to meet the ever-changing needs of the shopfitting industry and pride themselves on innovative design, quality craftsmanship and dedication to meeting the needs of clients and their spaces.

To complete the variety of projects that come their way, the team at O.M.A. use TopSolid’Wood to draw up and deliver projects. For the Asian Grocer, TopSolid’Wood facilitated a quick transition from design to production. It provided technical drawings for client approval, visual aids for construction and enabled a smooth transition to the CNC machine. TopSolid’Wood handled the complex counter design with ease and worked with integrated equipment to bring the design to life, “it is integral in setting out complex custom designs and enabling us to design for construction.”



Visit the Asian Grocer for a shopping experience that doesn’t feel like a chore. When you’re picking through the fruit bins for the perfect apple or grabbing a bunch of the freshest herbs, take a moment to admire the flowers that decorate the isles and cast your eyes to the ceiling to see how expert craftsmanship can transform a shopping centre into a countryside market.


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