Behind the Scenes at AWISA 2018

AWISA 2018 promised to be the biggest celebration of the year and it delivered! Everyone put their best foot forward, bringing innovation to the future of woodworking and manufacturing. With client demands growing in creativity, complexity and quality, it’s now more evident than ever that technology including advanced software is an unavoidable investment; imperative for growth, success and profit. Our live demonstrations of the power and versatility of the user-friendly software, TopSolid’Wood, was a great example of how making an investment in intelligent software is the leading way to meet the future of the manufacturing industry.

Our intricate feature wall provided guests with comfortable seating, plenty of storage and a feast for the eyes and was the central meeting spot at the IJSPLUS stand, where our team demonstrated how software supports complex and creative production. Our wall was designed by the IJSPLUS team and manufactured using TopSolid’Wood by the outstanding team from The Pre-Fab Group with supplies from Trademaster. Our wall featured elegant curves, expertly constructed to provide depth, keeping the eyes fixated from every angle. Not to mention – a great space for the team to rest their wary feet at the end of the day!

The wonderful work of our clients was put front and centre on our screens to highlight the amazing work that is already being completed in the community. Our clients are leaders in their industries and their unique applications of TopSolid’Wood produce a variety of diverse, creative and functional projects that contribute to the beauty of our built environment. The powerful parametrics and associative shop drawings that are capable with TopSolid’Wood demonstrates the essential nature of integrating advanced software into the design and manufacturing process, helping to streamline workflow and bring to life the design to build philosophy.

Contending with TopSolid’Wood for most popular attraction at the IJSPLUS stand at AWISA 2018 might have been our staff! With friendly smiles, expert advice and genuine care and support, our team were highly sought after for their honesty, industry knowledge and contagious laughter. We loved catching up with you at AWISA 2018 and sharing how advanced software can give you a competitive edge and give you the momentum you need to meet the exciting future of the joinery industry.

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