Intelligent Organisation

The ‘intelligence’ in ‘intelligent machinery’ refers to the software; the brains behind the operations. It’s the software that is responsible for all communication, translation and commands, telling the machinery, where, when and how. Versatile software, like TopSolid’Wood or Palette CAD and expert programmers can adapt your software to talk to machinery, streamlining your processes for optimised workflow. In the pursuit for streamlined operations, this is particularly imperative for automated board management systems.

Board management systems are evolving the modern factory towards automation, a key element of Industry 4.0’s intelligent factories. Board management systems are reducing the need for manual labour, forklifts and forklift drivers as well as saving time, space and money. But the biggest improvement made to factories is the organisation of materials, the automation of material availability, inventory control, reporting and cleanliness. All of this results in a streamlined workflow, increases profitability and improves workplace safety.

For an intelligent factory to work, you need intelligent machinery. Controlled by software, board management machinery can manipulate the panels to form a structure that makes sense for you and then collect, store and move panels as you need. Money can be saved by the minimisation of manual handling and eliminate damage to stock due to human error. Regulating material storage with automated machinery and software guarantees a return on investment in the long run and let’s face it – saves a few backs!

TopSolid’Wood can be programmed to integrate with your board management systems and can organise the retrieval of necessary materials. The communication between software means you can be alerted to low stock, report on available stock and reorganise as priorities change. It means never going to a shelf again only to find it empty or looking behind an incorrect label and finding material that was deemed lost years earlier.

Organisation in the workplace is a very personal thing, with each business operating differently to their neighbours. Versatility in board management systems is endless and the technology continues to advance, meaning that you can have a custom storage system specifically tailored to your needs. Easy integration means minimising disruption to your production during implementation and keeping production moving towards existing deadlines to eliminate the risk of any downtime.

Intelligent machinery is an asset to any business focused on continuous growth and improvement. To meet the demands of the future, embracing evolution in technology is essential in keeping production growing and moving. Board storage systems benefit workflow across the board and keep operations agile – ready for what comes next. Investing in versatile software that communicates with these machines means getting the most out of your investment and keeps your operations running smoothly.

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