Software Meets Machine

Connect + Communicate + Collaborate

One of the biggest questions you ask when purchasing software for your factory or workshop is, to what extent will this software integrate with everything else? Software that is advanced and flexible is an exciting new addition but if it can’t communicate to other areas of the workplace and is confined to the one program then the opportunity to streamline processes, save time and increase profits is lost.

IJSPLUS is a full-service company, meaning we integrate our software with your business as much, or as little, as you like. Our software is limitless, because our team of experts are behind the scenes, customising it to suit your needs and making connections that compliment an automated Industry 4.0 workplace. All decent and advanced software should be flexible, but we take it one step further, ensuring software is versatile and most importantly, adaptable.

TopSolid’Wood is the global leader in supporting the design to build process and can be integrated with any and all CNC machinery, including those just being introduced to the market. Whether you want to reproduce the same designs, or you pride yourself on bespoke joinery, TopSolid’Wood can be customised to suit your high-quality production needs and keep your operations streamlined.

One of the advantages of having an adaptable software like TopSolid’Wood means you aren’t limited by what you want going forward, unlike programs such as Biesse’s bSuite, which confines you to using only Biesse products. TopSolid’Wood can be incorporated with any machinery, connecting machines from various suppliers and integrating with various software from nesting solutions to parts management all the way to board management systems. It means having a tailor-made solution just for you so that your business is completely optimised for your unique needs.

Operating a customised workspace is rewarding from production through to profit. The smart factories that the future promises will encourage your software, machinery and team to communicate freely and easily connect for streamlined, quality production. And it’s the software that really allows for this collaboration. So, when you next ask, to what extent will this software integrate with everything else? Make sure that the answer is limitless connection.

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