Reach the Top with TopSolid’Wood

Your design to build software should inspire creativity, support complexity and streamline operations. Whether you need to duplicate the same quality designs over and over, or you work on customised projects, your software is the asset that makes it all possible; quickly, efficiently and to the highest standard.

TopSolid’Wood was specifically developed for the wood industry and joiners in conjunction with mathematicians, machinists, material scientists, IT specialists, ergonomists and engineers. With so many experts collaborating, TopSolid’Wood doesn’t just support streamlined design to build operations, it is a streamlined software.

With usability and functionality tried and tested by those on the floor in the industry, every click of the mouse or touch of a button is accounted for. TopSolid’Wood makes navigation easy, so using it feels as natural as the materials you’re working with!

From your simple, repetitive jobs to your complex, customised jobs, TopSolid’Wood adapts to your every need. Offering a diverse range of functions that supports your creativity as much or as little as you need. If you can think it, you can build it.

In conjunction with the rise of smart factories, TopSolid’Wood is an essential tool for collaborative working, allowing you to easily share and connect, not just with your team but also with other software and machinery. This is essential for success in the modern workplace.

TopSolid’Wood is the first tool you reach for in your design to build process to kickstart a streamlined operation. It works for you and with you, supporting endless opportunities and organic collaboration. So, begin quick, efficient and quality design to build operations today.

Put TopSolid’Wood to the test in your own workplace and contact our friendly team for your free trial today!


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