SafeCode welcomes hsbcad® to the Australasian market

Leading software manufacturing experts SafeCode, expand into the construction industry; driving synergy, growth and innovation.

29th March 2018, Melbourne, Australia – SafeCode is continuing to drive local success by bringing innovative software into the Australasia manufacturing and construction industries.

SafeCode CEO, Norman Kurta, began holding talks with hsbcad® management team back in early 2017 and together they realised that there was untapped potential to grow and develop the hsbcad® offering in the Australasian market.

With the partnership, SafeCode is equipped to expand into the construction industry, forging additional development for all the businesses in the SafeCode group of companies. As Safecode’s presence continues to instigate local growth and innovation, SafeCode recognises that hsbcad® is the perfect software for the construction industry and its evolving landscape.

Now the Australasian distributor for the celebrated 3D CAD/CAM software, SafeCode will help local businesses apply the indispensable architectural and production software hsbcad® to their operations and offer the benefits of support and services from an experienced and trustworthy team through hsbcad® Australasia.

Sustainable engineering building solutions expert XLam will be taking advantage of SafeCode’s latest partnership and incorporating hsbcad®, “one of the greatest innovators in the CAD to CAM space,” with their existing operations. The leading company using natural solid wood will work with the hsbcad® Australasia team to grow their longstanding family commitment to innovation and excellence.

Norman Kurta believes the partnership will be an asset to the booming commercial building industry in 2018, “it is an exciting time for non-residential building, with reports predicting that building activity could reach $39.25 billion by next year! At SafeCode, we continue to look at innovative new products and services to enhance the industry’s success and provide the products and support Australasia needs to lead the industry revolution.”

Safecode is perfectly positioned to create opportunities for the Australasian construction industry to utilise innovative and advanced technology. The distribution of hsbcad® compliments Safecode’s existing ventures in manufacturing software, machinery and finance.

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