Supplier Magazine Feature March/April 2018 ‘Q&A With Norman Kurta’

The following article has been taken from the March/April 2018 edition of Supplier Magazine.

Hi Norman, please tell our readers about SafeCode. It’s a broad question, but I suspect there’s a lot to cover. Company profile, personnel, your role there at the company and SafeCode’s strong presence in our industry?

SafeCode has come a long way since it’s inception in 2011. As a part of the LeasePLUS Group of companies, SafeCode was born to provide IT solutions to the group’s founding companies and begun building proprietary software which set these companies apart from their competition and allowed the LeasePLUS Group to flourish.

When I came on board in 2016, I saw an opportunity to take this skill set and apply it to the manufacturing industries and began looking for innovative software companies within this space to partner with. Flash forward to today and SafeCode is the parent company to 5 companies with nearly 30 staff and a market leader and innovator in its own right – adding diversity and expertise to the LeasePLUS Group.


The SafeCode story is an interesting one. What companies are you involved with and promote, and logistically how is this done (without divulging company secrets). It must be quite rewarding playing such a pivotal role…

 Ausmach, IJSPLUS, IdacsPLUS, PaletteCAD AU and Manufin provide the most advanced machinery, software and finance to the manufacturing industry. What ties them together is service. As part of the SafeCode group, our companies don’t just deliver industry-leading products, they partner with our clients to provide the highest level of ongoing support and services that back our clients to succeed.

Our vision was to provide the industry with a one stop solution where any business could source the best technology, with the best machinery and provide the finance to make sure their vision could come to fruition. My role is to work with our partners internationally alongside the LeasePLUS Group MD Aytunc Tezay to continue to bring the best software and machinery into the Australasian market enabling our local industry to become more competitive and sustainable.

How long has SafeCode been in business? The company certainly has built a reputation on excellence and customer service. What – do you believe – are the secrets to your success? SafeCode shines on the local stage. What about internationally? 

The secret is, there are no secrets. SafeCode built a reputation of trust and expertise through transparency. We show our clients what we can provide for them, but also explain why and how we will go about it. Then, we follow through on our promises and deliver.

Our team are experts. They started in the workshop as joiners and cabinetmakers and their history of being entrenched in the manufacturing industries goes beyond the office to their own homes and hobbies. That passion is limitless, and our clients can see that our team bring genuine service and knowledge to the partnership. That’s how we help our clients innovate, grow and succeed. Best of all we provide the training to pass all our knowledge and skills on and that’s why our clients trust us – we’re invested in the industry’s future, we’re invested in our future but mostly – we’re invested in their future.


You have a tremendous number of companies you promote such as IJS, Ausmach and Manufin. Tell our readers more about these associations you have with them and others.

 IJSPLUS is a full-service company offering Set Out services, Fast Track services, Library Building services, Training services and Consolation services as well as supplying TopSolid’Wood – the world class integrated design and production Cad/CAM software solution, specifically developed for the Joinery industry.

IdacsPLUS questions what is acceptable and challenges what is attainable by implementing ground breaking software and technology. Our selection of truly innovative software has capabilities and functionality that are second to none and our vision is to set a new benchmark for possibilities in productivity, efficiency and creativity.

Manufin believes that you should have the freedom to choose your machinery based on capability, not on cost. We offer competitive asset finance options to suit all business types for machinery, equipment and software.

Ausmach was founded on the notion that Australia and New Zealand markets not only deserve a variety of options of the highest, quality, state of the art and unparalleled machinery, but should also have access to a complete service that ensures outstanding ongoing technical, mechanical and customer support. As a result, Ausmach delivers the widest variety of the best machinery and won’t just drop it on your doorstep but will work with you to set it up or integrate it into your existing line and maintain it to ensure your smoothest operations.


Are there any expansion plans for SafeCode? What are your future plans and where do you see the future of software heading within our industries? I’d love to know more.

 Expansion happens naturally, when someone says, “we need…” our team turn around and say, “here you go!”. So, we will continue to expand so long as there are problems to solve. We want to provide solutions that the industry wants and needs and will utilise to continuously evolve.

The advancements in technology is what makes these industries so exciting and SafeCode is here to lead the way. We’re navigating the future of mixed reality to see where and how our clients can utilise it and we want to make it as accessible and reliable as possible. State-of-the-art technology is useless if it’s too expensive or breaks too often.

Collectively as a business we will continue go grow our geographic reach, broadening our base from our Melbourne and Sydney offices and warehouses to Queensland and South Australia. Our customers continue to trust in us and it’s important that we respond by calling other states our home as we see how our presence instigates growth and innovation.

On the software and machinery side we will continue to push the envelope with our existing partners delivering new and exciting enhancements in technology and machinery. Our latest venture in software is delivering hsbcad and TopSolid’Metal into the Australasian market. We are lucky that we have some high-profile clients on board already and see a great opportunity for growth into new markets.

Our focus is also directed at building our own suite of new technologies and supporting our in-house group of developers by challenging them to create and develop the tools of tomorrow for our industry. SafeCode has always had a culture to focus on innovative research and development and this is what sets us aside and ensures our future growth as a business.


What’s your core business? And how do you remain competitive in this climate? SafeCode is a force within the industry and certainly a dominant one at that. What is the strength behind SafeCode, and who has been your role model since starting out?

 Safecode is an elite group of companies that provide a complete service to the manufacturing industry, giving clients the freedom to pick and choose what they need so that we can tailor a solution to suit them. Like I said before, what brings it all together is service, whether it’s machines, software or finance, we offer ongoing support from trusted and experienced sources.

Our culture – which stems from our leadership team is to always reinvest in the business and grow our capabilities. We believe that a customer relationship exists for years through both good times and bad. So, while we are there to celebrate the triumphs with our clients, we are also there to help fix the troubles.

Our most recent venture into finance with Manufin stemmed from our customers expressing a need for help sourcing funds for their growth. We are glad that we can now provide a full financial service to do just that, an offering that is unparalleled in the industry. This venture was a no brainer for us given the expertise we’ve acquired working as part of the LeasePLUS Group. Our strength is our ability to take on the challenges that are sometimes too big for others in the industry to take on.


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