LIGNA 2017 will go down as a milestone in the digitalisation of the wood industry

“LIGNA 2017 will go down as a milestone in the digitalisation of the wood industry.”

Dr Andreas Gruchow, the Deutsche Messe Managing Board member in charge of LIGNA.

Ligna 2017 delivered a fresh new layout and modernised stand designs to reflect the new perspectives and impact that digitalisation is having on the industry. Almost half of the 93,000 visitors travelled from abroad to keep up with the latest trends, signifying the importance of these digital advancements for global competitiveness.


The event was packed with exhibitors presenting their latest offerings to help advance the industry and bring the realities of Industry 4.0 forward. Luckily for us, our software partners are well ahead of the curve when it comes to the solutions needed to succeed in this new era of manufacturing.

“Digitalization and integrated production are the new keys to success for our customers.”

No one does digitalisation and integrated production solutions quite like our partners COBUS ConCept.

They took the event by storm with their powerfully automated and integrated software solutions for furniture, door, and window manufacturing. This is a company that consistently push the boundaries of what is thought to be possible in manufacturing software, making significant advances for the woodworking industry.


Their latest improvements to COBUS NCAD, COBUS Windows and Doors, ERP 3 and ADULO are automated and intuitive solutions to significantly streamline the manufacturing process, and they’re making their way to Australia soon, through IdacsPLUS.

‘A further Key trend at LIGNA consisted of ways of significantly boosting production efficiency with minimal demands on the operator’

Palette CAD captivated visitors with their intuitive CAD software, with more speed, ease, and advanced capability than they knew was possible.

Introducing their state of the art Virtual Reality experience, they transported guests into an abandoned apartment, to then bring it to life through the powerful building and design capabilities.  Floorplans, samples, and colour swatches are giving way to the power of 3D photorealistic visualisations which are fast becoming an expectation within the woodworking and building industries.

Though the visual representations are impressive, it is once they experience the extensive drawing and manufacturing capabilities that people are taken by surprise. There are few who try PaletteCAD and are not impressed by its complete offering from design to production.

This is the CAD/CAM solution making waves in the industry , with even more improvements being applied specifically for the Australian market, including:

  • Extension of the Australian product library
  • Incorporating cabinet numbering
  • Virtual Reality capability

With all the incredible and awe-inspiring advancements displayed during this year’s event, we can’t help but look forward to Ligna 2019, and anticipate the results of the innovation and evolution we have already witnessed.

*Quotes from End – of – show report for Ligna 2017

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