Manufacturing the Future in 2018

The evolving manufacturing industry is looking to a bright future. One where variety, development and innovation is focused on supporting Australians and New Zealanders in their spaces at home, at work and on the road. IdacsPLUS have teamed up with Titus Tekform to develop a library update for PaletteCAD users that offers diversity, functionality and beauty in their dream designs. This partnership is one way to put the future of the industry into the hands of designers and manufacturers, so they can apply 2018’s upcoming trends to their production.

It’s no surprise to the manufacturing industry that the engineering of a damper takes as much time, care and technical know-how as the construction of something much larger, say for example, the CNC machine. To the untrained eye, these ‘bits and bobs’ might seem inconsequential but the development of small, essential products such as hinges is what the industry relies on to bring designs to life and deliver spaces that are as practical as they are beautiful.

Providing the market with the building blocks to their grand designs is a huge responsibility. Titus Tekform is Australia and New Zealand’s small component solution, making big contributions to the manufacturing industry, driving change and leading trends. Fast-tracking European design to our southern shores, Titus Tekform are the authority on all things connectors, drawers and dampened 3-Way clip hinges. And for these smaller, inconspicuous products, the line between functional and decorative is progressively blurring. These pieces are now increasingly being streamlined to not only provide advanced functionality, but to also visually compliment design and space.

With functionality taking precedent initially, designers then work to improve style, giving practical products an aesthetic role. Titus Tekform were happy to share a sneak peek into 2018 trends, “darker kitchens are dominating the market now, with accent fixtures in arrays of brass, copper and rose gold.” But it’s not just contrasting colours that are changing, “handle-less technology has been slowly creeping into the market but is now finding momentum with the sleek functionality it offers. It aids in utilising space, which is vital for modern living as housing becomes smaller.”

With the popularity of shows such as The Block and House Rules, Australian and New Zealand audiences have become more receptive to overseas influence. Additionally, products and functions that once seemed like a luxury are now stock standard, growing as the standard of living reaches higher and farther. This demand has revitalised the market and has helped shape the direction it needs to stay globally relevant.

The evolution of the manufacturing industry, from concept to creation relies on industry leaders to predict and implement trends that provide Australians and New Zealanders with the tools to build the future.  For 2018 it seems like we’re in good hands, and our growth is clear and palpable as industry leaders team up to empower and innovate the market.


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