Benefits of BlueCell

Nesting optimises the use of raw materials, reduces waste, supports production and saves human resources, money and time. Eurosoft’s BlueCell Nesting software is the reliable solution that works with panel saws, beam saws and routers to enhance your production processes to deliver the ultimate time and money saving results.

BlueCell is the product of the collaboration between industry veterans, university researchers and professional software developers who worked together for over a decade to develop advanced mathematical algorithms that compliment specific industry needs. This collaboration between manufacturing industry experts guarantees BlueCell’s relevancy, usability, quality and advantages.

When time is your greatest commodity, streamlining processes and managing human resources are imperative priorities. BlueCell software explores hundreds of thousands of possibilities in a matter of seconds to determine the ultimate optimised pattern to make the most of your raw materials. The most advanced mathematical methods are available in simple-fast results, block nesting and dynamic (BC) algorithms, giving you various options that best suit your needs. Reporting is made easy with SQL and Python capabilities available, giving limitless freedom for custom reporting.

With sustainability a global focus, prioritising minimising environmental impact has never been more important. BlueCell not only reduces your environmental impact but also supports you in maintaining a sustainable business by saving resources, time and money. Responsibly managing raw materials by incorporating leading technology to perform complex tasks frees up time for staff to focus on other areas of production and saves money by reducing waste and time spent on arduous manual tasks.

Industry professionals are currently using BlueCell to improve processes in a variety of different ways including coil optimisation, families and group sorting and custom reports which include job sheets and nesting patterns. One site saw a 10-hour human-run process reduced to a less than 10 minute process that delivers the same results. While across eight separate sites, the implementation of BlueCell saw yield increases overall.

BlueCell networks with post-processors for panel saws, beam saws and routers, distributing and translating data for seamless communication between software and machines, eliminating the need for manual programming and subsequent errors. The generation of cutting instructions in the machine’s native language optimises results and streamlines production with software and machines working together.

BlueCell is integral in optimising production and supporting accurate and sustainable practices. For more of BlueCell’s benefits visit Or for your free demo contact our support team at or call 1300 043 227.


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