AWISA 2018: The Roundup

Held from the 4th of July to the 7th of July against the backdrop of Sydney’s iconic Darling Harbour at the International Conference Centre, AWISA 2018 brought together the best in the business to share the latest breakthroughs in technology, machinery and software with the leaders in Australian manufacturing and woodworking.

The IdacsPLUS team worked around our expertly designed kitchen, inviting everyone to relax in the heart of our home as we demonstrated the benefits of applying advanced software such as COBUS, ICB and BlueCell to increase production. With word of Palette CAD’s innovative design to manufacturing versatility spreading throughout AWISA 2018, our team had their hands full with everyone eager to see how our software packages provide a completely streamlined design to manufacturing experience. By integrating software with limitless communication capabilities, our team can provide you with the ultimate workflow champion, incorporating people, software and machinery.

AWISA guests learned that Palette CAD will integrate with any and all CAM machinery on the market and programmers are always working to keep updates relevant and progressive. This means that the photo-realistic power of Palette CAD rendering can be incorporated into manufacturing processes to keep clients happy and provide detailed examples of the design and production process, from materials to engineering.

The strength of the IdacsPLUS offering is in variety and quality, with revolutionary machining, enhanced parts management and raw material optimisation all part of the IdacsPLUS family. AWISA 2018 was the perfect space to showcase how different software can communicate and collaborate together, integrating with staff and with machinery to optimise operations.

The highlight for the IdacsPLUS team was to be able to shake the hands of so many of our incredible clients who are applying our software solutions and leading the industry by delivering amazing products and projects. We loved catching up with old friends and meeting new ones and we hope that everyone had as much fun at stand 1204 as we did!


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