Show and Tell with Palette Showroom

Give clients the opportunity to see, feel and experience your designs before they’ve been built. Immerse them in a virtual consultation that will turn your designs into their dream space.


Step 1


At this stage, your designs haven’t been built yet. But just because they’re on the screen, doesn’t mean they have to be two dimensional. Create your own virtual consultation room and invite your clients in for the ultimate experience.

Step 2


Customise your consultation to your clients by selecting a product category, size guides, lifestyles, prices and more. Share your projects and allow clients to easily customise designs so that you can get the full picture.


Step 3


Show yourself off from every angle, whether in photos, graphics, panoramas, 360, virtual rooms or PDF’s and integrate Palette CAD 3D exposes, 2D drawings, sections perspectives, move files, play files and more; this is the perfect arena for you to showcase your expertise and share an unforgettable interactive experience with clients.


Step 4

The Cloud

Exchange exhibits with suppliers and partners for streamlined collaboration and communicate with clients through the cloud and give external access to gain approval from the comfort of your own home and move onto manufacturing and building!


Palette Showroom is the free interactive design process for Palette CAD users, learn more about the extras here or discover more here.

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