The LeasePLUS Group Mission

An Announcement from Mr. Tezay, Founder and Executive Director, LeasePLUS Group.

Since our humble beginnings in 2001, innovation has been at the heart of what we do at the LeasePLUS Group. Since planting such strong roots we have grown, empowering us to create opportunities and extend our unparalleled services to support customers in a variety of industries including salary packaging, finance, software development and manufacturing.

Our experience has taught us that regardless of industry, our foundations are key to our success – and yours. As we have grown, we have continued to extend our services, and it is clear that the LeasePLUS Group ecosystem, founded on the customer-centric principles of innovation, development and delivery, could welcome customers from every industry to share in this experience.

No matter who you are, the LeasePLUS Group celebrate your individuality. Which is why the innovation, development and delivery of our solutions are customised for your unique journey; to provide exactly what you need for your growth. You are at the core of our purpose and our mission is the foundation for which we:

Innovate in the pursuit of continuous advancement to sustain the growth of our staff, customers, products, services, businesses, partners, industries and environment.

Develop ideas into action and action into results. This is the creation of an ecosystem where knowledge is shared and valued within our community to produce benefits that are passed onto our valued customers.

Deliver exceptional products, services and benefits to our valued customers by connecting them to the solutions they asked for or didn’t know they needed.

Keeping our foundations at the heart of what we do enables us to continue growing as we conquer new industries.

Our mission is simple. We Innovate, Develop and Deliver solutions to all our valued customers within every unique vertical market in which we operate. All for your satisfaction, success and growth.



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