IdacsPLUS brings leading international software to Australian manufacturing

IdacsPLUS is driving innovation to the manufacturing industry

Melbourne, Australia: At a time where innovation and technology is at the forefront of manufacturing, IdacsPLUS has formed to provide Australia access to advanced manufacturing software solutions and consultancy services, to help strengthen the industry’s global competitiveness.

IdacsPLUS is the collaboration between experienced manufacturing software providers ‘Idacs’ and the R&D software company ‘SafeCode’. They currently source solutions from revered international partners such as Palette CAD GmbH, Eurosoft Inc, ATool Software S.r.l. and COBUS ConCept GmbH, with more products already being discussed to reach the Australian market.

Mr Tezay, MD of LeasePLUS Group explains why he became a key investor. “LeasePLUS Group has always been at the forefront of innovation and development and are constantly looking for new strategic directions to take our innovation.

In this case we turned to our research and development company SafeCode, to explore international opportunities outside of our traditional playing field, that could provide us and Australia with new solutions and relationships.

Innovation and diversity are how we want to grow as a group; this is what IdacsPLUS is created from and strives to bring to the manufacturing industry.”

With IdacsPLUS already experiencing growth, acquiring two big clients in the past 2 weeks alone, new product availability and a Sydney office, it looks forward to the increasing opportunities that it can provide for Australian manufacturers looking to improve productivity, competitiveness and growth.

About IdacsPLUS. IdacsPLUS is the new enterprise resulting from the amalgamation of two businesses (IDACS and SafeCode). They provide innovative software solutions, consultation services, technical support and training to help strengthen the Australian Manufacturing Industry.