Is this the death of Masterwood in Australia?

Australasian Manufacturers are demanding the best – which is no less than they deserve. Suppliers need to provide the best, hire the best and deliver the best by adopting best industry practices and applying technology as it becomes available. Ausmach’s focus on quality, innovative and reliable products is a testament to our commitment to industry-wide success and progression. The manufacturing industry is evolving and innovating at an unprecedented rate – this is not the environment for those that can’t keep up. Can Masterwood keep up?

Failure to deliver products of value and offering outdated technology and overpriced machinery could result in Masterwood falling short. The challenge for Masterwood owners, Guangzhou KDT Machinery Co, will be to incorporate the standards Australasian manufacturers deserve into their products; until then Ausmach will remove its association with Masterwood and replace it with WOODPLUS products that are ahead of the curve and unparalleled in value.

WOODPLUS is Australian owned and backed by European engineering experts with integrated German design and Italian componentry to answer the needs of local manufacturers. WOODPLUS strives for quality, innovation and value in an ongoing quest to continuously deliver the best. After all, “quality is not an act, it is a habit.” – Aristotle.

Come and visit the Ausmach stand at AWISA and see for yourself – stand no 1102.

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