The Cabinet Shop – Client Testimonial

“There have been some standout moments with our experience working with Ausmach and our production with the OTT Paul Tornado+.

I was impressed with Henry’s response to our enquiry and his integrity throughout the sale and commissioning of the machine. He has delivered on our requests and kept sincerity at the forefront of all his communication with us. The first edge that was run after unpacking the machine was close to perfect.

The PLC is extremely easy to use and navigate. The layout inside the OTT Paul Tornado+ is spacious and logical. This has made the process of adjustment very easy to understand and execute on the rare occasion that we need to. Reliability in our production is back to where I wanted it to be. The edge quality and versatility of the machine has now made us a go to manufacturer as opposed to being price driven by our clients. The OTT Paul Tornado+ has lived up to our expectations by providing the ultimate hassle-free PUR solution.”

David Bloomer

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