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Like all manufacturers, we are always striving for that perfect edge. And while the expertise of your team and the quality of your Edgebander play a big role, it’s the glue that really holds it all together. So, what are you using to adhere to perfection?

EVA Glue – Ethylene Vinyl Acetate

EVA glues are specifically designed for industry needs, meaning their composition changes depending on their intended use. For manufacturers using Edgebanders, EVA glues are specifically designed to complement the machinery and the materials being used as well as being quick-setting and capable of being re-melted multiple times to help reduce wastage.

However, EVA Glues are of an older vintage and therefor have some limitations. They are prone to cracking and breaking in extreme cold and melting in excessive heat and the resulting bind is also weaker than binds supported by newer alternatives. They’re also opaque, so any excess residue is more than obvious. Some studies have also shown results that while EVA glues have proven to be safe, some formulations are being questioned.

EVA glues are a tried and tested option with their ‘get the job done’ kind of finish, they’re a great option for your average project. But what do you use if you want to deliver a high-quality, client-impressing, satisfying kind of finish where you can sit back and admire the perfect edge?

PUR Glue – Polyurethane Reactive Adhesive

PUR Glues have been developing since the 1990’s when they were first produced as an adhesive. However, while they’re new, that doesn’t mean you should gloss right over them. With proven strength, clear compositions, advanced temperature resistance and less product wastage, PUR glues are dominating the market as manufacturers make the upgrade.

PUR Glues are particularly beneficial to manufacturers due to their high strength, creating joints that are durable and long lasting. Their capability to deliver an almost invisible finish, with the thinnest coat of product not only delivers the highest quality results but also means PUR Glues are sustainable and cost-efficient.

Including PUR Glues in your production process will increase the quality of your finished products and are perfect for high-end manufacturers looking to provide industry-leading results that leave clients marvelling at the perfect edge.

Still not convinced? You don’t have to be! With the OTT Paul Range of Edgebanders and their patented CombiMelt System, you can use either EVA or PUR glue, whichever suits your needs. Contact our friendly team today to have a chat and find out more!

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