The Rise of an Underdog: A Beam Saw Story

Beam Saws were thrown aside at the turn of the century, outdone by the rapid development of technology, intricacies and variety of the competition. But recently, Australian and New Zealand manufacturers have been hauling them back into the centre of their workshops, dusting them off and getting to work; increasing their production by as much as eighty percent.


If you’re dealing with large, dense materials there’s no reason to wear out your more delicate machinery. The Beam Saw is fast and accurate, chewing through the toughest materials with ease and spitting out incomparable results. There’s no denying why the Beam Saw is known as the Workhorse of the Workshop.


The Beam Saw is still ahead of their newer cousins in terms of sheer quantity. Capable of cutting up to five boards at once, it’s no wonder that production increases for those who utilise the Beam Saw’s strengths. If you’re making the same straight cut consistently, then the Beam Saw is the tool you should be reaching for.


Not only has the return of the Beam Saw proven that it’s not going anywhere, meaning that you’re guaranteed a secure investment, but it’s also proven that sometimes bigger is indeed better. The Beam Saw is durable, hardy and reliable and won’t show the wear and tear that their newer rivals do.


Combine strength, quantity and power and you get speed. The Beam Saw is the ultimate worker to keep your production moving. Optimise your cutting yield and fast track growth by staying ahead of the competition by speeding right past them.


There’s no point in being quick if you’re making mistakes. With the Beam Saw you can expect the perfect cut, every time, to support the highest quality production.


Fortunately, with the revival of the Beam Saw, came innovation. And while not too many modifications have been made on this tried and tested beast, there is one added bonus that modern Beam Saws have that their predecessors were sorely missing. Safety screens that separate your staff from the machine help keep your fingers secured to your person and keep your workshop safety standards in line.


You don’t need to be a software expert to control a Beam Saw. Programming is straight forward, and simple functions are easy to learn, remember and replicate. This is one machine that you won’t need the investment of skilled labourers to operate, providing a simple way to save money without even trying.

A Beam Saw isn’t the right choice for your dainty, complex or fiddly jobs. But for your large loads, strong materials and repetitive jobs, a Beam Saw is the best answer to rapidly power through the day and deliver perfect results again and again. The only down side? You’ll just need to make sure the rest of your production line can keep up!

Add a Beam Saw to your production line today with the best in the business!

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