LeasePLUS Group announces game changing move in acquisition of Salary Options

LeasePLUS Group has solidified its position within the Salary Packaging industry by announcing the acquisition of the Melbourne based Salary Packaging company, Salary Options Pty Ltd.

Salary Options offers market leading products and services to its clients that are complimentary to the LeasePLUS Group businesses. The move will send shock waves into the current Salary Packaging industry which is dominated by two significant listed entities, Smartgroup Corporation Ltd and McMillan Shakespeare Limited.

LeasePLUS Group Managing Director, Mr Aytunc Tezay said “We’re thrilled to welcome all the staff and customers of Salary Options to the LeasePLUS Group family”.

This acquisition now makes one of Australia’s longest established Salary Packaging brands “LeasePLUS / SalaryPackagingPLUS” the third largest salary packager in Australia – the main difference being LeasePLUS Group are proudly 100% Australian owned and operated as opposed to being listed on the stock exchange. “This allows us to still be driven by our original customer service values rather than shareholder returns” said Mr Tezay.

This commitment to exceptional customer service was also recognised by Salary Options’ Managing Director, Mr. David Wenban in his formal announcement to the market, “We decided to sell to [LeasePLUS Group] because of their similar belief in customer service as the cornerstone of the relationship with…employees.”

The LeasePLUS Group’s dedication to offering Salary Packaging services to the Health and Aged Care sectors has long been clear. Their partnership with the Victorian Healthcare Association (VHA) began in 2016 and positioned them as the leading Salary Packaging provider for the Health and Aged Care sectors. This announcement further illustrates that servicing this sector is in the LeasePLUS Group’s DNA.

The LeasePLUS Group will immediately incorporate the Salary Options brand into its recognised SalaryPackagingPLUS business, combining the best of both brands into a single offering. “We will continue to look for other investment opportunities to expand our service offering as our market share grows” said Mr Tezay.

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SafeCode pushes its innovation agenda by acquiring Integrated Joinery Solutions (IJSPLUS).


Media Release – Melbourne, Australia:

SafeCode, a division of the Australian owned LeasePLUS Group of Companies has added to its stable of innovative and market leading businesses. Innovation is well and truly in the SafeCode DNA!

Integrated Joinery Solutions newly re-branded to IJSPLUS has introduced a suite of market leading software such as TopSolid Wood and has brought increased productivity to manufacturing in Australia and New Zealand making local manufacturing more competitive in the global market.

“The IJSPLUS team is top class, and is passionate about the same things we are— creating the most innovative joinery solutions in the industry with the customers needs in mind,” said Mr Norman Kurta, CEO of SafeCode.

“By including IJSPLUS into the SafeCode family we have put together the most established manufacturing software systems across this region. We can now bring improved solutions with greater capability to a larger audience and will strengthen our focus on making Australian manufacturing competitive again.”

Mr. Aytunc Tezay, Executive Chairman of the LeasePLUS Group of companies said, “IJSPLUS and TopSolid Software is the perfect partner for us. They have the most widely used solution in the market and are thought leaders in the joinery solutions space. We are united by a common culture based on a passion for innovating and maximizing business value,”

With this acquisition SafeCode, with IJSPLUS, IDACSPLUS, SafeCode Systems Solutions and PalleteCAD Australiasia now holds a prominent space in the manufacturing industry.

Mr Tezay went further to say that, “this move represents a pooling of expertise to greatly contribute toward expanding future product offerings for the customers in our region”.
For more information please contact David Thiessen, Company Secretary LeasePLUS Group of Companies on

IdacsPLUS brings leading international software to Australian manufacturing

IdacsPLUS is driving innovation to the manufacturing industry

Melbourne, Australia: At a time where innovation and technology is at the forefront of manufacturing, IdacsPLUS has formed to provide Australia access to advanced manufacturing software solutions and consultancy services, to help strengthen the industry’s global competitiveness.

IdacsPLUS is the collaboration between experienced manufacturing software providers ‘Idacs’ and the R&D software company ‘SafeCode’. They currently source solutions from revered international partners such as Palette CAD GmbH, Eurosoft Inc, ATool Software S.r.l. and COBUS ConCept GmbH, with more products already being discussed to reach the Australian market.

Mr Tezay, MD of LeasePLUS Group explains why he became a key investor. “LeasePLUS Group has always been at the forefront of innovation and development and are constantly looking for new strategic directions to take our innovation.

In this case we turned to our research and development company SafeCode, to explore international opportunities outside of our traditional playing field, that could provide us and Australia with new solutions and relationships.

Innovation and diversity are how we want to grow as a group; this is what IdacsPLUS is created from and strives to bring to the manufacturing industry.”

With IdacsPLUS already experiencing growth, acquiring two big clients in the past 2 weeks alone, new product availability and a Sydney office, it looks forward to the increasing opportunities that it can provide for Australian manufacturers looking to improve productivity, competitiveness and growth.

About IdacsPLUS. IdacsPLUS is the new enterprise resulting from the amalgamation of two businesses (IDACS and SafeCode). They provide innovative software solutions, consultation services, technical support and training to help strengthen the Australian Manufacturing Industry.

Salary Packaging Industry Update by the LeasePLUS Group

As you may be aware, there has been significant change in the Salary Packaging and Novated Lease industry in recent months, with larger publicly listed companies acquiring several of the small and medium sized providers whose clients in most cases have now been absorbed into the large groups.

Unfortunately, most acquisitions result in customer service and tailored solutions being sacrificed in favour of high margins and a relentless drive for shareholder profits and this is often seen with large corporate organisations who apply a one size fits all approach to what is in essence an extension of your individual organisation.

By contrast, the LeasePLUS Group remains privately owned and proudly 100% Australian operated with a “Less is More” approach to delivering simple but effective salary packaging and leasing services. We tailor individual solutions for each client to maximise the uptake of the Employee Benefits Program and increase your profile as an employer of choice.

LeasePLUS are pleased to advise that we have further strengthened our team with the addition of Christian Walkerden as our Commercial Director with a focus on salary packaging, novated leasing and improved service delivery. Christian brings over nine years’ experience with the Selectus Group where he performed various roles including National Manager – Sales, National Manager Business Development and General Manager.

Christian supports Leigh Penberthy, longstanding CEO of LeasePLUS and Chairman of the Australian Salary Packaging Association (ASPIA). LeasePLUS has a close involvement in the formation and ongoing importance of ASPIA, ensuring that we are active in the development and continuous improvement of the industry and have immediate access to key Federal Government and ATO officials to discuss and promote the core issues relating to the salary packaging industry.

The LeasePLUS Group has the capacity to deliver effective and consistent services and would welcome the opportunity to discuss our innovative solutions with you. We guarantee that we will be able to improve your uptake and your employee satisfaction by tailoring a solution for you that ticks all the boxes.

Please feel free to contact me directly to discuss what LeasePLUS can do for you or call Christian Walkerden on 0400 977 664,

Aytunc Tezay
Executive Chairman
LeasePLUS Group
p: 1300 13 13 16

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What is the Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT)?

Fringe benefits tax (FBT) is a tax employers pay on certain benefits they provide to their employees, including their employees’ family or other associates. The benefit may be in addition to, or part of, their salary or wages package.

If you are a director of a company or trust, benefits you receive may be subject to FBT.

Fringe benefits tax is separate to income tax and is calculated on the taxable value of the fringe benefits provided.

The FBT year runs from 1 April to 31 March.

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A new dawn for Novated Leasing and a brand new website

It’s not just a new website, nor is it the new series of video messages to clarify the facts and figures on Novated Leasing, it’s the notion of ‘Less is More’.

Last week LeasePLUS launched a new website to its customers. When rebuilding the new website the main goal was to make sure that any employees or employers who browse through it can obtain relevant information in the easiest possible way.

The new LeasePLUS website is created around its users’ needs, cutting down the superfluous content and giving importance to what really matters.

With this goal in mind we decided to give our website a complete makeover creating a fresh and modern look.

Less is More

The ‘Less is More’ philosophy is an approach to life that removes the unnecessary stress and worries of today’s world, leaving you with more time to fully live your life.

We use this approach to simplify the leasing process and remove the hassle of running and financing your car, leaving you with more time to do what you want.

Videos and digital media

Our first video is an introduction to the LeasePLUS philosophy ‘Less Is More’. It highlights our people-centric focus of removing the hassle and stress of running a vehicle or managing a fleet so that you have more time for yourself, either as an employee or an employer.

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Friends with Benefits

Friends with benefits

Friends with benefits

If you thought you were already getting the most out of your Novated Lease, you were definitely right; but now we’ve decided to give you even more!

Share with your friends, relatives or work colleagues the secrets of Novated Leasing. If they call up, mention your name and take on a lease with us, you’ll get a $100 Coles & Myer Gift Card!

Don’t worry, we’ll always call back!

Does size matter in Salary Packaging?

3406bbd.jpgIn some situations ‘bigger’ is most certainly better.

Let’s start with pay-cheques – not many people want a smaller one of those.

And how about a single bed over a luxurious king? A shy smile from your child, or a beaming grin?

One decision where ‘bigger’ does not equate to ‘better’ is when it comes choosing your Salary Packaging provider.

Why? The success of a salary packaging program has little to do with size and everything to do with the technological infrastructure and the customer service ethos that underpins its delivery.

Most providers are comfortable to offer the same tried and tested approaches to service their clients regardless of quality – are these more likely to be the bigger or the smaller providers?

The real value is gained when salary packaging companies invest in new technologies that consistently improve the customer experience and lead to greater efficiency. Who is more likely to be proactive and embrace changes in technology, the big or the small end of town? I don’t think I have the answer but this is where you will need to do your homework.

The sign of a good salary packaging provider is that they have the capacity to address and respond with solutions to your employees’ queries in a timely manner and this has nothing to do with size but a lot to do with technological capability.

The exponential growth in the popularity of mobile platforms as a customer service tool should be leading many providers to improve their game in this sphere. This is something I’ll cover in further depth another time but for the purposes of this conversation remember that this technology is not out of reach of the small fellas.

It’s also important to remember your role as an employer in the salary packaging relationship.

Advocacy, as the principal advocate for your employees you need to demand information to be delivered in a timely and considerate fashion from your salary package provider. This isn’t something that should be left to the supplier as they tend to get lazy and the bigger they are the lazier they can get.

Communication, the key is to clearly communicate your service-level expectations to your provider – ideally at the outset – but doing this during any stage of the relationship is better than not doing it at all and the smaller they are the more likely they will listen and importantly respond.

If your salary packaging provider regardless of their size does not have the capability, resources or technology to respond to employee communications in what you deem a timely manner, you need to reconsider who you’re working with.

Volkswagen auction fallout – Leasing pause to hit VW Group as industry looks closely at residual values


VOLKSWAGEN dealers, finance and leasing companies, and VW Group brand owners, are bracing for more bad news as distressing indications start emerging about the likely impact the manufacturer’s diesel scandal will have on residual values in leases, floorplan financing costs on rising stock levels and a sudden buyer disinterest in the brand.

As the drama continues to unfold, the head of the Australia Salary Packaging Industry Association Leigh Penberthy has told GoAuto that his company LeasePlus has recommended its clients stop leasing Volkswagens until the likely effect on residuals can be calculated into new lease agreements.

Meanwhile, dealers have told GoAuto that Volkswagen clearance rates at VW dealer auctions in Australia have dropped dramatically with as many as half the cars offered for sales as dealer used car stock being passed in.

Details are sketchy and a spokesman for the big Australian auto auction group, Manheim, said that the company could not comment on dealer auctions as they were conducted privately between car importers and dealers of that brand and therefore the results were confidential.

Finance companies are also watching dealer vehicle financing closely as floorplan loans are backed by the value of the stock. If VW values drop substantially, finance companies will be asking dealers for more cover for their borrowings – especially on stock that has a current stop-sale order on it from Volkswagen Group Australia.

The problem is also exacerbated by the long pipeline between Australia and vehicles ordered from the factory, with shiploads of cars fitted with defeat devices already on the water and likely to further flood the market with cars that people are now indicating they may want to avoid – even once the fixed is made.

Australia’s biggest online car marketplace, Carsales, has reported that buyer interest in both VW petrol and diesel cars has crashed since the scandal broke although there are some signs of a partial recovery in the past few days.

Carsales charts show that interest in diesels fell from 650,000 views to 300,000 views in the wake of the scandal but are now running at 400,000 views. Petrol VW models were also hit, falling from 850,000 views to under 500,000 although petrol views are now back over 800,000.

Where the scandal is especially concerning is in the finance and leasing area.

Glass’s Information Services national sales and marketing manager Nick Adamidis said that if 50 per cent of Volkswagen cars were passed in at dealer-only auctions, it could indicate residual rates falling by up to 10 per cent.

“That’s a big number and it means a lot of money would be lost,” he said

Mr Adamidis warned that it could be a kneejerk reaction to Volkswagen’s current problems but he expected “some initial deterioration” in Australia in the order of 3-5 per cent.

But he said if lack of demand persisted for six months “a 10 per cent reduction in residual values would be possible”.

Residual values (before scandal/after scandal)

Volkswagen Passat Wagon 130TDI Highline
New Car Price $46,990
3 yr Residual (before) 46%
Value in 3 yrs (before) $21,612
3 yr Residual (after) 36%
Value in 3 yrs (after) $16,916
Loss $4696
Volkswagen Jetta 103TDI Highline
New Car Price $36,490
3 yr Residual (before) 43%
Value in 3 yrs (before) $15,691
3 yr Residual (after) 33%
Value in 3 yrs (after) $12,042
Loss $3649
Volkswagen Tiguan 130TDI
New Car Price $39,990
3 yr Residual (before) 53%
Value in 3 yrs (before) $21,195
3 yr Residual (after) 43%
Value in 3 ysr (after) $17,196
Loss $3999
Skoda Yeti 103TDI
New Car Price $34,390
3 yr Residual (before) 44%
Value in 3 yrs (before) $15,132
3 yr Residual (after) 34%
Value in 3 yrs (after) $11,693
Loss $3439

Mr Adamidis said that residual values for Volkswagen Group products – including Audi and Skoda – in Europe had dropped 2-3 per cent last month while rival brand residuals increased.

Mr Adamidis said if there was buyer backlash to Volkswagen’s emissions deception then it would show up in new-car inventory levels.

“Companies such as Volkswagen order six to 12 weeks in advance. If the sales decline and the inventory remains high, there will be discounting of the brand and that will immediately affect residual values,” he said.

Mr Adamidis said that because the Volkswagen issue involved deception “you may see Volkswagen buyers leave the brand over this”.

LeasePlus CEO Leigh Penberthy, who is also the chairman of the Australia Salary Packaging Industry Association, said that his company was telling new customers to look at vehicles from alternative manufacturers until the Volkswagen problem was solved.

He said the residual price of leased Volkswagens involved in the scandal were likely to take a heavy hit but said that at this stage the future values of new VW product like new SUVs, utes and commercial vehicles that are not caught up in the scandal are unknown.

He said that the new-car volumes and the reaction from bidders at auction houses would be the first telltale signs of the damage of the Volkswagen Group problem in Australia. “We will be talking to auction houses around Australia to gauge reaction to the Volkswagen problem and that will be used to base our future residual values,” he said.

He said it may take a couple of months to formulate the effect of the Volkswagen emission problem in setting leases.

Mr Penberthy said even his staff members were caught up with owning leased Volkswagens, Audis and Skodas.

“Anyone with those makes, diesel or not, who either own it or lease it, needs to ask: What happens to the price of the car when I sell it? What happens when the fix arrives – will it change the performance and/or economy of the vehicle and if so, should I be compensated? Will it impact on the residual?

“The answer to the last one, I believe, is ‘yes’.”

Below: Carsales traffic records show a dramatic drop in interest in Volkswagen models since the announcement of the diesel scandal. Even petrol models suffered a reversal. However there are positive signs of a recovery in the past few days.

Salary Packaging Breakfast Forum

This is an open invitation for organisations who actively offer or are thinking of introducing a Salary Packaging program to their employees.


Organisations within the health industry, corporate, not-for-profit and government sectors will benefit from the latest updates within the industry with key speakers talking candidly about their thoughts and opinions.

You will also learn about the latest developments and advances in Salary Packaging software systems, significant drops in current market pricing for administering outsourced services, along with current FBT and other statutory changes that effect the industry.

This forum will also give you the insight you need to ensure you’re getting value from your existing salary packaging provider.

Hosted by:

Aytunc Tezay – LeasePLUS Group Chairman and Managing Director Aytunc Tezay is among Australia’s leading novated leasing and Salary Packaging experts and was integral in the inauguration of the Australian Salary Packaging Industry Association (ASPIA) and was its President for the initial four years.

Keynote Speakers

Elizabeth Lucas (Grant Thornton) – Elizabeth has extensive experience in providing Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) and Salary Packaging advice to not-for-profit bodies, corporate clients and Government organisations. She regularly sits on various Federal Government tax based reviews or Boards which acknowledges her years of service and broader understanding of the wider industry.

Leigh Penberthy (ASPIA) – In his role as ASPIA Chairman, Leigh works closely with politicians and other key stakeholders to discuss, highlight, debate and promote the core issues relating to the salary packaging industry. Leigh regularly represents the Industry at Government and other Independent reviews as well as playing an important function in supporting the establishment of key policy settings at both a Federal and State level.

Linden Footman (SalaryPackagingPLUS) – With more than 15 years of experience , Linden has helped to maximise the Salary Packaging benefits for thousands of employees through the delivery of tailored packaging solutions across wide ranging industry sectors including corporate, health, emergency services, charities and not-for-profit. He is regularly called upon to help solve complex Fringe Benefits Tax matters while ensuring that the cost to the employer is kept to a minimum.

Claudio Scarpellino (SafeCode) – Claudio has been involved in the development of industry leading software across the automotive and finance sectors for a large part of his career. With this knowledge he has taken the reins of SafeCode as CEO where he was instrumental in the development of the leading web based Salary Packaging software known as MySalPack, as well as other Applications that are both advanced and innovative. Claudio’s wealth of experience in the building of long term relationships and a high degree of emphasis on delivering quality products and services is what sets him and SafeCode apart.

Dates and venue

Melbourne: Wednesday 28th of October 2015, 7.30am to 9.30am – Quay West Suites, Southbank, 26 Southgate Ave, Melbourne.

Sydney: Thursday 29th of October 2015, 7.30am to 9.30am – Quay West Suites,
98 Gloucester Street, Sydney.


If you wish to attend this free breakfast forum please send an email to by the 18th October 2015. Alternatively, please call Natalie Gray on 0432 010 638. Please tell us which session (Melbourne/Sydney) you would like to attend, along with your contact details. We will contact you to confirm your registration.